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protago (pro-ta-go)

protago is a shield charm .any spells will bounce off  the shield charm

expellyarmis (ex-pell-ee-am-is)

 Expellyarmis dis arms your apponint.


(ex-pec-toe-pa-tro-nom) Expectopatronom makes dementors thrown back.

avardacadabra (ava- da-ca-bab-ra)

Avardacadabra is a killing curse. It kills your apponint.


Accio is a summing charm. you can sumin basically anything you want.  

Mufflyato (muff-ly-a-to)

mufflyato is a quiting curse. It makes your appont not speak.

more spells

Wingardium Leiuiosa

 (win-GAR-dee-um lev-ee-OH-sa) The charm makes anything you want fly into the air.

Alohomora ( al-LOH-ha-MOHR-ah)

 Used to open and unlock doors; it can unseal doors upon which the locking spell has been cast, although it is possible to bewitch doors to resist the spell.

Aguamenti (AH-gwah-MEN-tee)

Produces a fountain or jet of water from the wand tip.

Ascendio (ah-SEN-dee-oh)

Lifts the caster high into the air.

Petrificus Totalus (pe-TRI-fi-cus to-TAH-lus)

To temporarily paralyse someone

Stupefy (STEW-puh-fye)

A useful spell used to knock out an opponent in a duel

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